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15 Years Alcohol-Free – what it feels like and how to get there!

Harriet is 15 years alcohol-free

Harriet has managed 15 years alcohol-free. What is her story? How did she get there? What has she learnt? Can you do it too?

Harriet’s story never fails to inspire. On this guest webinar for Club Soda members, she shares how having a community of people supporting her made a big difference. Building friendships and self-development were also important pursuits. Instead of having an inner critical voice, she has a gentle inner voice of love and calm and support.

“I love being present for my children as a good mother.”

Harriet also talks about how it does take time to change, but it helps to:

  • Treat yourself with support and love.
  • Treat yourself with grace – don’t allow yourself to be mistreated.
  • Have clarity about who you are – live in alignment with your behaviour, values and beliefs.

So be prepared and have an action plan, use the Club Soda group to support you through any trigger situations you come across.

Harriet also covers relapses, sugar cravings, how to add more pleasure to your life, and how to connect with people – whether at 15 years alcohol-free or less!

Club Soda is a “Pay What You Want” movement – what does it mean? If you like the webinar or the resources we provide we ask that you donate on a one-off or regular basis. Read more here!

Our Sunday webinars are free and happen live inside our Facebook group. They are also available from the following day here on our Monday blog and on our YouTube channel.

We know that Facebook is not great for everyone but this is the best way we have found to keep access as wide as possible and free. Some members have create a second, anonymous Facebook profile to participate in the group and these webinars.


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I am Laura the Co-Founder at Club Soda. I gave up drinking in 2012 and hope that I can support you to take a self-guided journey to change your drinking whatever your goal.

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