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When we first came up with the idea for Club Soda we thought we were an unlikely pairing. Jussi is a (now) moderate drinking Finn, and Laura used to be a ‘no off switch’ drinker who has decided that being alcohol-free suits her best.

We soon realised we had more in common than we thought. Both moderation and going alcohol-free are achievable goals, but underneath it all they require the same behaviour change techniques to get there.

We both come from alcocentric countries (UK and Finland) and we feel that understanding and respecting social context is important to successful change.

This is why we developed Club Soda as a Mindful Drinking Movement.

Your goal is yours, and we will support you to get there. But we also want to go beyond that.

We know we can also make the whole business of healthy behaviour change easier for everyone, by working towards a bigger vision:

“A world where nobody has to feel out of place if they’re not drinking.”

We want to make non-drinking and mindful drinking widely accepted, so that everyone feels confident to change their drinking habits if and when they want to. Society can make this easier by making sure that non-drinkers are just as comfortable as drinkers in all social spaces where alcohol is served, in particular pubs and bars.

We believe this is a change that is good for society as a whole, so we want everyone to be part of our movement. Whether you have never drunk before, want to change your drinking, make an awesome low or no alcohol drink, or run a pub or bar. You can be part of the Mindful Drinking Movement.

To fit with this ethos, we are a Pay What You Want movement. You can contribute to our work based on what you can afford and the value of support we offer.

We do a lot. Supportive online community and personal goal setting tools, drinks reviews, lobbying on labelling of alcohol-free drinks, our pub and bar guide, and we also organise Mindful Drinking Festivals.


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