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When I quit drinking alcohol nearly four years ago, I was struck by the fact that there was very little online to support me. Run a marathon, lose weight, stop smoking – they all have a host of tools and forums, but I drew a blank on stopping drinking.

I did not want to go to Alcoholics Anonymous, for many reasons I felt it was not for me. But I also did not want to enter the health service – as far as I was concerned, that was for people with real problems. I could not get a picture of what it was they would offer to support me to help myself.

A behaviour change approach gave me the power to make the change I wanted. Now I want to use that knowledge to build a movement, developing tools that people can tailor to their needs, and growing a social network that can support their journey.

Our motivation is simple. We feel happier and healthier because we’ve changed our drinking, and we want to make it possible for more people to do the same and be successful.

We want Club Soda to help you make the change you want. We are continually learning and developing so you can pick the tools and techniques that suit you.

We will always be free to join. In future, we will introduce a small monthly premium membership fee, which will include additional features online, free access to our socials, exclusive member perks, and expert discounts.

Take a look at the site to learn more. And join the Club – it’s free to become a member!



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