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We have thought long and hard about how to make Club Soda sustainable, whilst keeping true to our aspirations to support, advise, empower and encourage people who want to be mindful about their drinking. We have settled on Pay What You Want for a number of reasons:

  1. It means we can keep most of what we do free for everyone, regardless of income. Our strength is in our members. The more of you there are, the more support there is, and the more influential our movement becomes.
  2. You don’t have to be ‘receiving help’ to be part of the Mindful Drinking Movement. You may not be worried about your drinking, or you may never have drunk alcohol. But as everything we do is about making society better for everyone, you may value our work with pubs and bars, our lobbying of the government, or our drink reviews.
  3. Paying something is good for your behaviour change. Honestly! It gives you a material incentive to change as you have some ‘skin in the game’ – especially if you know that the contribution you make also helps others like you.

We will still charge for our courses and workshops – but we do have regular sales for all our members. That is because these courses have been developed with partners, took a great deal of time to build and take extra work to manage. So we need to cover our costs.

What we do with the money

Club Soda was started with a small business loan and is still largely funded from our personal savings. We are a small team but we do a lot! Here are some of the things your Pay What You Want contribution will cover:

  • The Sunday webinars take at least a day to plan, execute, edit and share, even when we have a guest speaker!
  • Our social events (online and offline) take more organisation that you might think. While we ask for a small contribution for everyone who attends, we want to grow these events, and support more people to organise them locally across the UK.
  • The online community and our new Alcohol Free, Mindful Drinking and Flock groups are actively supported, by Jussi and Laura and a team of volunteer admins. It takes lots of time, but we believe that actively managing this group means you will get more from it.
  • Our weekly blogs, drink reviews and emails take a good day to write, prepare and send.
  • Hosting a website, sending emails and all the other little costs of running a business add up.
  • Admin always takes more time than you would like!
  • We will continue to improve this website, adding more tools, making it easier for you to find content and adding new features.
  • And finally, it pays for Laura to go on the media to talk about mindful drinking. By doing so, she brings our mission (to create a world where nobody feels out of place if they are not drinking) ever closer and battles on your behalf. It costs money keeping her quiff looking good for telly!

You can set up a monthly payment in our shop – you can choose from three options:


Or you can make a one-off payment:

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