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We are the UK’s fastest growing club supporting people to change their drinking, whether their goal is to cut down, stop for a bit, quit or stick. We are both online and in the real world, with thousands of active members, over 25,000 unique hits on our site each month, and over 9,000 active members.

Based on behaviour change science, we curate everything an individual needs to help them change their drinking habits:

  • tools and apps to set their goals and track their progress
  • connecting with a community of people who share their goals
  • advice, reviews and motivational content
  • experts and perks to boost their chances of success
  • events, workshops and socials – making sober social!
  • Club Soda is gaining popularity with the media as a practical, non-judgmental place for friendly support.

Becoming a Club Soda Expert will give you access to a community of individuals actively improving their health and looking for support.

Expert or perk?

We offer opportunities to experts offering services and programmes that support people’s journey and brands that offer discounts, distractions and other healthy lifestyle products to help individuals change their drinking.

You can create special offers just visible to club soda members.

Email Laura if you want to be added to our site with an affiliate arrangement.

Also you can review our terms and conditions for expert members.