Dear Mummy: The Joys of Sober Parenting

Joys of sober parenting

Sober Parenting Mothers’ Day is about treasuring the people closest to you, and appreciating their roles in our lives. So we are sharing two moments from Club Soda members when mothers were happy they had changed their relationship with alcohol, and discovered the joys of being present. The first is a letter from a daughter to a mother, […]


Member webinar: Serena’s story of getting sober

Member story - Serena getting sober

Serena has been a Club Soda member for over a year, but her journey with trying to tackle her drinking issues has been a long one. Her problems started in her last year at university, and have only now been resolved at the sweet age of 38. Advice for everyone Whether you are moderating, dealing with a […]


To Drink or Not to Drink? Living in an Alcoholcentric Society

Living in an alcoholcentric society

To Drink or Not to Drink? Club Soda member Adrian talks about how hard it is to quit the booze in an alcoholcentric society, where we are encouraged to drink at every turn. Living in an alcoholcentric society Through general conversation, I have noticed that those who choose not to drink are often viewed as […]


How to have a sober St Patrick’s Day

Sober St Patrick's day

St Patrick’s Day is a celebration that has a reputation for drinking excess. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a sober St Patrick’s day. After all, it is meant to be a day of music, family and history, and all of those can be found without the […]


Why socialising sober is important and how to get started

Why socialising sober is important

When you first start changing your drinking, socialising sober may not be the most important thing on your mind. Change takes time and some steely grit and determination. Yes you need to hunker down, focus on your goal and change a few things. But it is important not to take away human connection and joy. […]


Life in High Definition: How Going Sober Lets You Feel Your Emotions

Sober life in high definition

Going Sober – Life in High Definition The first of many surprises that people often report after going sober is a new intensity of everyday experiences. Whether it’s happiness, tiredness, sadness or boredom, emotions that are no longer masked by alcohol become pure and unadulterated. Instead of creeping up on you, they knock you for […]


International Women’s Day 2017: Inspirational Sober Women

Christine Lagarde - inspirational sober women

Inspirational Sober Women One of the reasons I give for not drinking is that ‘I like to be a pain to people who think they know best’. That is easier to do with energy and a clear head. If you are ambitious, alcohol can not only hinder your efforts but also discredit them. So we […]


WOOP as a behaviour change and goal planning tool

WOOP if you want to go faster!

Club Soda is an active community supporting each other in changing and maintaining our alcohol habits. We are introducing WOOP as a behaviour change and planning tool we can use for ourselves and to support each other when times are hard. It gives us a framework to ask questions of ourselves and of others – helping […]


Kim’s journey: 2 months into becoming alcohol-free

Two months alcohol-free

Guest blogger and Club Soda member Kim is now two months into becoming alcohol-free. In this guest article she explains the ups, downs and the not-so-sure’s of her journey so far. Two months alcohol-free It’s month two of my alcohol-free journey, so I’m still very new at this and pretty much at the beginning compared […]


Three’s a Charm: Dry Months Explained

Dry Months Explained

Club Soda member Helen did three different dry months, and is now alcohol-free and living life in glorious technicolour. You can do your own dry month at any time, whether it’s this March or even going booze-free for the 40 days of Lent. For help, expert advice and tips, check out our online Sober Sprint programme. There […]