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Join up and arm yourself for a month off alcohol

Nervous about doing a Dry January? We are planning our January sober bootcamps. You’ll be led by the founders of Club Soda, Laura Willoughby MBE and Dr Jussi Tolvi. Laura stopped drinking 4 years ago and knows all about the perils and pitfalls of giving up, while Jussi practices mindfulness and successfully moderates his drinking. They know their stuff.

What is this all about?

  • Inspiring talks and advice from people who’ve been there
  • Group activities to give you practical tools to change your drinking
  • The chance to meet other open-minded people with similar goals
  • Tools to monitor improvements – sleep, mood, confidence and more
  • Recommendations for something exciting to drink instead
  • A private Facebook community of 900+ who have your back
  • 50% off our Sober Sprint course, for support throughout the month

But is it actually any good?


“It was really great, helpful and informative, very prepared and hopeful for the future.” – Emma

“Just wanted to thank everyone concerned for the workshop which I found really helpful – and fun. So often discussions around the subject of alcohol can get mired in gloom and doom and denial, I really liked the fact that what shone through above all – for me – was that this isn’t about denying ourselves anything. Quite the opposite. It is about enhancing our lives and adding enjoyment rather than taking it away.” – Claire

Okay, where and when?

  • Dates, times, venues to be confirmed!

If you have any questions, then email Laura.