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Changing when others are not changing

Changing when others are not

This week’s guest webinar, on the topics of avoiding festive fallout and changing when others are not changing, is by chartered psychologist Helen O’Connor. Helen works for a drug and alcohol service in London, and who also wrote the Club Soda Sober Sprint online programme with us.

Helen first discusses “second-hand alcohol” or “passive drinking” and how alcohol use has an impact on other people in your life, from partners and other family members to friends and even work colleagues (in the same way as smoking has an impact on those around the smoker). This is particularly relevant at this time of year, with Christmas and New Year holidays and parties approaching, when many people drink much more than they usually do at other times of year.


Helen also talks about changing our habits generally: what is involved, what makes it easier, peer pressure, and how our self-identity is involved.

Though Helen mainly talks from the perspective of someone wanting to cut down or moderate their drinking habits, the tips and wisdom are useful for all of us.

The book Helen mentions is Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation by Gabriele Oettingen (see Amazon UK for more details).


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