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Webinar: Dr Clemmie Jacques on alcohol free holidays

Recovery on holiday

This week’s guest webinar by Dr Clemmie Jacques is on protecting your recovery when on holiday. Clemmie is a counselling psychologist with a special interest in alcohol issues. She will talk about sticking to an alcohol free life on holidays – with temptations and triggers round every corner…

The fear of not being able to take part of a drink on the beach, or having reminders of everyone drinking and having a good time around you. Journeys on trains, waiting in airports, the free drinks on airplanes. Being away from your normal support network and routines that have kept you safe thus far. All of these make travelling one of the biggest relapse triggers and they have tripped up many a person in early recovery.

Many wonder ‘will I even be able to enjoy a holiday if I can’t drink or engage in your other addictive behaviours’? In fact, for many of us, holidays often weren’t as enjoyable as we thought they were. They were spent creating chaos, too drunk too remember, hungover or wishing we were home alone.

This webinar discusses some of the fears of holidays, give you hints and tips for ways you can protect your recovery AND enjoy your holiday. Techniques you can put into place before, during and after. Ways to challenge the addictive thinking that tells you its okay to drink on holiday. As well as explore the benefits of the new sober world that is now open to you.

We also discuss the Azure retreat, which has been set up with this in mind. To help those who want to go on holiday, might not want to go alone, would enjoy furthering their emotional recovery journey, make a new sober support network and get some serious sun. It also offers healthy eating, daily yoga and fun excursions. Perfect for those who want to get some late summer sun.

You can find out more about the Azure recovery retreat here – it will take place from 12th to 19th of September 2018 in Turkey.

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