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Club Soda discount – The Rest is History apparel

The Rest is History

Do you like discounts on awesome stuff? We do too! The wonderful Lucy from Soberistas popped by with some good news…

The Rest Is History is a new blog and online shop for people who love their alcohol-free lives. Long gone are the days when ex-drinkers scurried about in shame, ordering sickly and unoriginal soft drinks at the pub and making up excuses to enquirers about being on antibiotics and/or driving/being pregnant.

Nowadays it’s completely normal to be alcohol-free. Not just normal in fact but rather cool and a growing trend.

The Rest Is History has lots of nice hoodies and T-shirts (and other bits and bobs) designed for sober warriors everywhere as a way of celebrating their brilliant choice to kick the booze.

10% of all our profits go to substance misuse charity, The Corner in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Better than that, the creative lovelies behind our printing work are inspirational and amazing. Everyone working at Printed By us, Sheffield, is retrained in printing after conquering major challenges such as homelessness and addiction. Top people, doing an excellent job – and one that I want to support them in. I want to grow The Rest Is History so that it becomes both a stigma-blasting brand AND an enterprise that supports all those inspirational people at Printed By Us.

So please get on board and support this venture. We are giving Club Soda members a massive 20% off everything!

Valid from January 10th until midnight January 17th 2018 – just visit and enter the discount code HISTORYMAKERS at checkout. Simple as that! You’ll get a free gift with every order and leave with the happy knowledge that you’re making a substantial social impact. Happy shopping 🙂

Join our Club Soda Together private Facebook group, where on 25th March 2018 you can watch Lucy conduct our weekly webinar! And don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list if you haven’t already.


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