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It’s nice to be noticed! Below is a list of Club Soda media appearances: newspaper and magazine articles that talk about Club Soda, our TV and radio appearances, and blogs that have mentioned us. We may have missed some though, so if you know of any more, please email Click here for older news from 2014 to 2016 and news from 2017. There are also many more articles about our Mindful Drinking Festivals here.

Newspapers & Magazines

Eurostar Magazine - Mindful Drinking

8 February 2018 The Morning Advertiser: Claims that low-alcohol drinks ‘increases the amount people drink’ rubbished

7 February 2018 The Guardian: Too many public services provide the wrong kind of help

3 February 2018 Buzzfeed: This Is What It’s Like Inside An Alcohol-Free Gay Bar

28 January 2018 The Daily Telegraph: The rise of the ‘gym party’ for adults – how getting sweaty replaced getting sloshed

24 January 2018 El Pais BuenaVida: El alcohol está pasado de moda. Así es el nuevo ‘botellón’ [Alcohol is old fashioned]

January 2018 Eurostar Magazine: London – Mindful Drinking [see image]

16 January 2018 International Business Times: Mindful drinking: Six tips for getting through the rest of ‘dry January’

16 January 2018 Supper Magazine: Sobering thoughts

15 January 2018 XPOSÉ.ie: What is mindful drinking and how can it help you booze less?

14 January 2018 The Sun on Sunday: My Booze diaries [read the online version]

January 2018 Brides Magazine: The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Serve At Your Wedding

11 January 2018 The Girlfriend: The Girlfriend’s Guide To Rethinking Drinking

January 2018 The Simple Things: Like-minded drinkers [this article is only in the print magazine!]

11 January 2018 Marie Claire: Have a successful booze break with these helpful Dry January tips

8 January 2018 The Pool: Women are going sober (and not just for January)

7 January 2018 Running in Heels: Health & Fitness: Change for 2018

6 January 2018 The Daily Telegraph: Sober sex – the Dry January side effect that nobody talks about

6 January 2018 Lovin IE: ‘Mindful Drinking’ Is The Latest Health Trend That’s Everyone’s Trying

6 January 2018 NZ Herald: Mind over mojitos: How to cut down on drinking, for good

5 January 2018 TimeOut London: Dry January? 11 fun things to do in London if you’re not drinking

4 January 2018 The Morning Advertiser: Low in strength, big on flavour: How craft beer is leading the low and no ABV revolution

4 January 2018 The Upsider: Dry January: The Rise Of The Grown-Up Non-Alcoholic Beverage

2 January 2018 The Resident: 15 Sober Activities to Get You Through Dry January

2 January 2018 Get the Gloss: The Staggering Number of People Taking Part in Dry January

1 January 2018 Huffington Post: What I’ve Learned From A Year Without Alcohol

TV & Radio

8th February – four radio interviews about the University of Cambridge Study

30 January 2018 Ten UK radio stations, various programmes: Listen here

30 January 2018 Manx Radio: #MRWomenToday: Fern Hopkinson and Club Soda UK

15 January 2018 Sky News: Three in five adults drink to relieve stress of daily life [watch clip here]

Blogs etc

February 2018 Nesta: Good and bad help: How purpose and confidence transform lives [Club Soda is one of the “case studies” in the report you can download and read]

19 February 2018 Lovin Manchester: ‘Mindful Drinking’ Is The Latest Health Trend That Everyone’s Trying

24 January 2018 Square Root London: Ain’t No Party Like a Club Soda Party

11 January 2018 Farmdrop: The food trends you need to know about

10 January 2018 Heart of the City: A cold but DRY January..

9 January 2018  The Gin Kin: 7 awesome “gins” & drinks to get you through Dry January

7 January 2018 Girl & Tonic: One Year Sober & 3 Lessons I Learnt Along the Way

6 January 2018 Mummy was a Secret Drinker: 5 Ways to Get Through Wine O’Clock

Articles and Guest Blogs We’ve Written

We also write regular articles on our other two websites: and have regular posts about pubs and bars, and our work with them. And our festival website has articles about non-alcoholic drinks.

15 January 2018 Alcohol Concern Dry January blog: 2018’s best books about (not) drinking