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It’s nice to be noticed! Below is a list of Club Soda media appearances: newspaper and magazine articles that talk about Club Soda, our TV and radio appearances, and blogs that have mentioned us. We may have missed some though, so if you know of any more, please email

Newspapers & Magazines

16 August 2017 The Morning Advertiser: UK’s first alcohol-free drinks festival attracts 2,500 attendees

12 August 2017 Financial Times: London’s first festival of alcohol-free cocktails

11 August 2017 Elle UK: Things to do in London this weekend

11 August 2017 Hello: To do list: our pick of hot events

1 August 2017 Time Out London: Mindfulness and martinis: August’s best drinks festivals

28 July 2017 Londonist: The Best Beer Festivals In London In August 2017

28 July 2017 HBC Magazine: Is sweating the new clubbing?

27 July 2017 El Pais: Así son las juergas en las que no corre ni gota de alcohol [Parties with no drop of alcohol]

27 July 2017 Good Housekeeping: The first alcohol-free festival arrives in the UK

26 July 2017 Metro Belgium: Britten organiseren festival zonder alcohol [Brits organise festival without alcohol]

25 July 2017 Smallish: Mindful Drinking Festival

24 July 2017 Metro: UK’s first ever alcohol-free drinks festival is hitting London next month

17 July 2017 Motto: How to drink mindfully

13 July 2017 The National Student: First Mindful Drinking Festival coming to the UK

12 July 2017 Real Simple: How to drink mindfully

11 July 2017 Metro: A mindful drinking festival is coming to the UK and all the drinks are ‘alcohol-free’

10 July 2017 The Business of Everything: The best of everything: When fitness is fun!

12 June 2017 Balance: Your guide to the London wellbeing scene

9 June 2017 The Morning Advertiser: We aren’t saying don’t drink, it’s pubs having something for everyone

9 June 2017 Drinks Retailing News: Confusing labelling “discourages” innovation in low-alcohol sector

8 June 2017 Smallish: Mother’s ruin

8 June 2017 Drinks Retailing News: The lower the better

16 May 2017 Sheerluxe: The Rise of the Teetotal Trend

11 May 2017 Positive.News: Goodbye boozy Britain? Why more young people are going dry

May 2017 Women’s Health: The Rise of the Sober Curious Movement

19 March 2017 The Sun‘Life is Just as Fun Without Booze’ One in four young Brits are turning teetotal… We investigate what’s driving the sober revolution

13 March 2017 Metro: What is mindful drinking?

5 March 2017 ara.catFalten begudes sense alcohol (“Missing non-alcoholic drinks”)

27 February 2017 i News: Laura Willoughby, founder of mindful drinking

26 February 2017 The Guardian: Forget the hangover, under-25s turn to mindful drinking

21 February 2017 Healthista: The rise of healthy partying

14 February 2017 Evening Standard: Lloyd’s of London brings in strict 9-5 booze ban for employees

8 February 2017 WooWoo London: The Best Places to Drink Mindfully in London

6 February 2017 The Guardian: How public services undermine people power – and what to do about it

2 February 2017 Healthista: The rise of Mindful Drinking

19 January 2017 The Morning Advertiser: Why Dry January is no longer a period of doom and gloom

17 January 2017 North Four: Mindful pub crawls in North London

17 January 2017 TimeOut London: Six free things to do in London this week

17 January 2017 Good News Shared: Mindful Pub Crawls – A Way to Have Fun Without Drinking Too Much

16 January 2017 Harpers: The teetotal trend: Beyond Dry January

16 January 2017 Hackney Today: Make mine a mocktail… (page 7 of this big PDF file)

11 January 2017 The Evening Standard: London’s best bars for Dry January (see the video on the middle!)

11 January 2017 SheerLuxe: 9 Tips for Dry January

6 January 2017 Huffington Post: Doing Dry January? Nine Alcohol Free Drinks To Try

5 January 2017 Londonist: Things To Do Today In London

2 January 2017 Dose: Anyone for Club Soda?

26 December 2016 Huffington Post: Doing Dry January? Four Tips To Enjoy The Month Alcohol Free

19 December 2016 Bar Magazine: Guide helps licensees attract Dry January fundraisers

1 December 2016 The Guardian: Dry bars offer redemption in the Christmas party season

30 November 2016 Hackney Post: Club Soda Tackles Hackney’s Drinking Problem

30 November 2016 Coach Magazine: What does drink responsibly mean?

25 October 2016 The Daily Telegraph: Six ways to crack wine o’clock and go semi-sober

10 September 2016 The Times: Take a tablet if you’re feeling ill: new NHS app can give diagnosis

26 August 2016 Grub Street/NY Magazine: How the World Parties Sober

16 August 2016 OutNews Global: Queers without Beers launches in new pop-up venue

July 2016 Drink and Drugs News: A helpful nudge (see page 7 of the pdf file)

6 July 2016 Sheerluxe: How to hit the summer sober

18 June 2016 The Daily Telegraph: How to cope when life seems frightening and upsetting?

14 June 2016 The Memo: This pub-loving social network helps you cut back on the booze

22 May 2016 The Daily Telegraph: My husband’s family won’t forgive me for having an affair

9 May 2016 Hackney Gazette: Soft drink plan for pubs backed by Hackney Council

30 April 2016 Loving Dalston: Eat, drink and be merry in Hackney… and sober

26 April 2016 The Evening Standard: The end of post-work pints? City workers face clampdown on Square Mile’s drinking culture

30 March 2016 Psychologies Magazine: Drunk on life

1 March 2016 Hackney Gazette: Licensees and locals come face to face over Hackney’s night-time economy dispute

28 January 2016 The Daily Mail: A lime and soda? That’s £4.50 please: Pubs accused of cashing in on Dry January by charging huge amounts for soft drinks.

27 January 2016 Munchies: London Bars Could Be Ripping Off People Who Don’t Drink

27 January 2016 Evening Standard: Drinkers ‘face rip-off prices for lime and soda’ as pubs cash in on dry January

27 January 2016 The Sun: Crime & soda: Dry January fury after lime and water costs punters £4.50

19 December 2015 Normal: (No. 2, Autumn 2015, pdf file) Q&A with Laura

15 December 2015 The Publican’s Morning Advertiser: Five top tips for #TryJanuary to avoid a new year slump

7 December 2015 Healthista: 8 Health trends your body needs this month

3 November 2015 Huffington Post: What I Learnt From a Month Off Alcohol

October 2015 The Mutton Club: Month Off Booze – A Diary

22 September 2015 The Wharf: Club Soda offers ways to stay sober in Canary Wharf

12 August 2015 Laura Willoughby – Co-Founder Club Soda

7 August 2015 GoDoSeeBuy: Don’t overdo it! What happens if you develop a drink problem and one day you decide you’ve got to knock it on the head? [scroll past the pub article!]

17 July 2015 The Debrief: How not to be a dick when your friend’s a recovering alcoholic

27 June 2015 The Daily Telegraph: Drinking by 11, alcoholic by 20, sober by 35: one woman’s story

26 June 2015 The Daily Telegraph: ‘I’m worried that my girlfriend is drinking too much’

May 2015 Disrupts Magazine: What makes an entrepreneurial mindset? (Laura appears on page 5 in this pdf file)

21 May 2015 Hackney Gazette: £370,000 ‘niche’ health fund comes under fire

20 May 2015 Community Care: Supporting women with alcohol issues: what social workers need to know

18 May 2015 Loving Dalston: Fancy a soda? A new kind of Hackney night out

30 April 2015 Waitrose Weekend: Laura Willoughby MBE, 40, sober socialiser

23 April 2015 Londonist: Is There Such A Thing As A Decent Non-Alcoholic Beer?

16 April 2015 New Ways to Quit Drinking

2 April 2015 StrategyEyeDigitalMedia: Meet 10 Tech Startups Solving Social Issues [Please note that there are a couple of small inaccuracies in this story!]

March 2015 Libertine: Laura from Club Soda is one of “Libertine 100 succesful women“!

February 2015 Libertine: The new sobriety: A new ilk of social club encourages members to drink less, have fun

5 February 2015 The Daily Mail: Chocolate, posh teas and non-alcoholic nights out: How to cut back on booze (without losing your social life)

3 February 2015 Liverpool Echo: Club Soda Social Event

1 February 2015 Running in Heels: Bye bye booze?

15 January 2015 Synced Magazine: Club Soda: The Fun Way To Quit Drinking For Dry January

5 January 2015 Marie Claire: Dry January: 8 Tips To Help You Have A Successful Booze Break

4 January 2015 The Guardian: ‘Women on the wagon’ club together to cut back on drinking

2 January 2015 Londonist: Things To Do In London This Weekend: 3-4 January 2015

2 January 2015 The Daily Mail: Ditch your friends, always be late for parties or get pregnant! FEMAIL reveals 11 (sometimes extreme) ways to cope with giving up alcohol for Dry January

TV & Radio

14 August 2017 BBC Radio4: You and Yours

13 August 2017 Sky News: Morning News

5 August 2017 East London Radio: Mindful Drinking Festival with Nirvana Brewery and Fitbeer

19 April 2017 Wandsworth Radio: Healthy Wandsworth with Nicolette Wilson

15 February 2017 BBC London News: Evening news

15 February 2017 Share Radio: ‘Liquid lunch’ banned for Lloyd’s workers

15 February 2017 LBC Radio: Nick Ferrari At Breakfast

6 January 2017 London Live: News

1 January 2017 Sky News: Morning News

6 December 2016 BBC Radio 5 Live: 5 Live Drive

26 April 2016 BBC Radio London: Drivetime with Eddie Nestor

27 January 2016 BBC Radio 5 Live: Afternoon Edition

4 January 2016 London Live TV: London Live News

1 January 2016 BBC Radio London on how to have a successful dry January

13 December 2015 NewsTalk 106-108fm (Ireland): The Colette Fitzpatrick Show “Is ‘wine o’clock’ dominating your day? Discussing women’s attitude to drinking”

7 December 2015 BBC Local Radio: Mark Forrest

5 December 2015 BBC Radio Five Live: Saturday Breakfast

14 October 2015 Colourful Radio: Life – Your Issues with Sonia Poleon

10 June 2015 Wandsworth Radio: Healthy Wandsworth (listen here)

31 March 2015 BBC Radio Sussex: Drive at 5

30 January 2015 BBC Radio 4: Woman’s hour

12 January 2015 BBC London TV: London’s alcohol-free bar and club open

12 January 2015 BBC Radio London 94.9: Drivetime

Blogs etc

16 August 2017  The Fat Girl’s Guide to Running: Are you a mindful drinker?

7 August 2017 Beer Today: St Peter’s supports Mindful Drinking Festival

2 August 2017 The Sober School: Is alcohol-free living finally becoming cool?

1 August 2017 Cultural Insight: Mindful Drinking

20 July 2017 Nourish with Ashanti podcast: How To Lead An Alcohol Free Revolution

18 July 2017 YeastBerlin: 10 Questions for… Laura Willoughby Club Soda co-founder

17 July 2017 Real Kombucha: The Mindful Drinking Festival: What’s that all about, then?

23 June 2017 Girl & Tonic: Booze Free in the Sun: 5 Alcohol Free Drinks to try this Summer

26 May 2017 Motivational 101: Booze control – an interview with co-founder of Club Soda, Laura Willoughby MBE, about reducing social dependency on alcohol

31 January 2017 Girl & Tonic: My (Not) Drinking Diary, Laura Willoughby

13 January 2017 Detox|Retox: The Mindful Pub Crawl: What (and where) to drink when you’re not drinking

12 January 2017 Alcohol Concern: How to tackle dry January in London?

2 January 2017 Beer Today: New beer movement is perfect for January

1 January 2017 Cardiau Post Bywyd – Postcards of Life: Nodiadau Adferiad / Notes on recovery

1 December 2016 Girl & Tonic: Want to Stop Drinking? These 5 “Alcohol Free” Resources will Help

29 November 2016 Detox|Retox: Mindful Drinking: Why boozing a bit less could mean a lot more fun this Christmas

22 May 2016 London Queers: What’s next: Things I learned about booze

27 April 2016 Red Bull: 6 ways LGTBQ clubbing is changing in 2016

22 April 2016 Alcohol Policy UK: Changing the environment? Nudging pubs and zero alcohol awards

14 February 2016 Local Secrets Cambridge: Where to drink when you don’t – ‘Something soft please’ social life without booze

13 January 2016 Paul Miller: Alcohol, health and windswept islands

9 December 2015 Community Catalysts: Winning the Enabling State Challenge

2 October 2015 The Naked Mind: How Blogging Keeps You Sober

21 September 2015 taking a new path: three not-so-little things I could have discovered earlier in my sobriety

9 September 2015 MTG Coaching: Is Alcohol Getting in the Way of You Reaching Your Goals?

4 September 2015 Angel Academe: Laura Willoughby talks about Club Soda and Entrepreneur Academe

21 August 2015 Total Ales: Tasting Notes – Low and No Alcohol Beers with Club Soda

27 July 2015 The Needy Helper: The Alcohol and Addiction Podcast with Laura

9 July 2015 World Without Wine: London

June 2015 Mind the Gap: It takes 31 days to change a habit

4 June 2015 London Central Counselling: Alcoholism – do women have a special relationship with wine?

2 June 2015 Angel Academe: Entrepreneur Academe 2 Officially Launches

18 May 2015 Hackney Council: It’s about the night out, not the hangover

30 April 2015 London Calling: You are what you eat?

29 April 2015 I Don’t Drink!: Club Soda

24 April 2015 Veronica Valli: Recovery Rocks – Laura Willoughby

3 February 2015 Toni Jones Cocktail Blog: Ready to make some new booze rules post Dry Jan? Club Soda on ways to change your drinking (without losing your social life)

13 January 2015 University College London Centre for Behaviour Change: Delivering Behaviour Change for Society

4 January 2015 Recovering from Recovery: Two good pieces from the British press about alcohol issues

1 January 2015 Toni Jones Cocktail Blog: Happy New Year… now stop drinking so much! Tips from booze fiends on staying dry this January

28 December 2014 DB Recovery Resources: 10 awesome events in London this January – no booze necessary!

12 December 2014 to 20 February 2015 Bethnal Green Ventures: Since we were accepted to BGV’s W15 programme, we’ve been featured on their blog several times

Articles and Guest Blogs We’ve Written

We also write regular articles on our other two websites: and have regular posts about pubs and bars, and our work with them. And our festival website has articles about non-alcoholic drinks.

7 August 2017 A hangover free life: Mindful Drinking Festival & Alcohol Free Drinks In Recovery

4 August 2017 This Naked Mind: Drinking With Friends Is Essential

4 August 2017 The Mutton Club: Why being sober curious is good for your health

3 August 2017 Movement for Modern Life: How Yoga & mindful drinking go together

3 August 2017 Buzzfeed: 8 Questions That Will Reveal Whether You Are Sober Curious?

2 August 2017 WooWoo London: The often rocky road to mindfulness & well-being

1 August 2017 Huffington Post: Four Ways To Tell If You Are Sober Curious

27 July 2017 The RSA: The mindful drinking movement: catalyzing Club Soda

2 May 2017 Nesta: Many public services undermine self-confidence – how can we support change?

8 February 2017 WooWoo London: The Best Places to Drink Mindfully in London

23 January 2017 DigitalHealth.London: Driving innovation by changing behaviour and tech

4 January 2017 Huffington Post: 2017 Is The Year Of Mindful Drinking

1 January 2017 The RSA: 2017 is the year for mindful drinking

20 September 2016 University College London CBC Digi-Hub: Academic collaboration – a startup point of view

October 2016 Society for the Study of Addiction: Behaviour change for pubs and bars

14 July 2016 Blenheim: 93 ways to change a behaviour

10 May 2016 Huffington Post: Atchoo! Hayfever and Alcohol

24 March 2016 Huffington Post: Sugar Is a Friend When You Are Cutting Down on Alcohol

3 February 2016 Sheerluxe: Is drinking stopping you from losing weight?

1 February 2016 Huffington Post: How to Moderate Your Drinking After Dry January

12 January 2016 Huffington Post: Five Ways to Get Back on Track With Your Dry January

28 December 2015 Huffington Post: 10 Quick Ways to Start Your Dry January – Including Some You Can Do From Bed!

16 December 2015 The RSA: How changing my relationship with alcohol reconnected me with my values

3 December 2015 Carnegie UK Trust: Club Soda on the Enabling State Challenge

3 December 2015 Huffington Post: The Real Rebellion Is Not Drinking This Party Season

30 November 2015 Medium: 5 top tactics for avoiding booze this party season

17 November 2015 Medium: Love your non-drinking guests at your party

30 August 2015 The Mutton Club: Cutting Down on Alcohol – One Woman’s Story

9 June 2015 Keeping Sober with Club Soda

23 April 2015 Movement for Modern Life: Cleansing? Use These 4 Tricks to Help Ditch Alcohol

13 March 2015 Relational Welfare: We get drunk together, so why should we get sober alone?

4 February 2015 Bethnal Green Ventures: Being mindful with your customers

30 January 2015 In2Recovery: Socially Sober

6 January 2015 Bethnal Green Ventures: Is changing your drinking one of your New Year’s resolutions? Then make at least 5 more