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Azure Recovery Retreat

Azure recovery retreat
Azure wellness retreat

Azure Wellness Retreat was created as a space for reflection, healing and reconnecting – a calm oasis from many of the stresses of modern living. Following a wonderfully successful inaugural recovery retreat in 2018, we are pleased to announce two sets of dates for 2019:

4 – 11 May 2019


7 –  14 September 2019

Our recovery retreat is a relaxing, refreshing holiday with a difference. Hosted by Counselling Psychologist Dr. Clemmie Jacques and experienced addictions counselor Lyn Kirby of Promis Clinics, this week focuses on building recovery gains, emotional growth, physical well-being, and relaxation. As well as daily group therapy sessions, the retreat includes yoga, meditation, delicious vegetarian food, activities, excursions and plenty of time for fun in the sun. Midnight Mcbride will also be joining the May retreat as a guest to instruct evening meditation.

Recovery Yoga Retreat

But the best way for us to tell you about our retreat is to let 2018 guests do it for us.

One of our guests said, “Holidaying in recovery can be an anxiety-provoking prospect, which is why Azure Wellness Retreat aims to provide a safe and trigger free environment to enjoy all the usual holiday pleasures; relaxing by the pool in the sunshine, meeting new people, dining out, excursions and boat trips.

“Every day there was an opportunity to check in with the therapists, either as a group or one on one. Sharing is not compulsory, but the confidential security of the retreat allows for a relaxed safe place to share any and all feelings with people who understand, relate and who are experiencing the same.

“By the end of a week spent at the retreat, you can definitely expect to feel rested, revitalised and proud to have built up some new recovery tools to take forward with you and use on other holidays or at social events.

Another said, “The recovery retreat in Turkey organised by Clemmie was one of the best holidays ever. Without the presence of alcohol and with other like-minded people I was able to thoroughly relax and enjoy the experience. It certainly helped to be able to talk in the group sessions in stunning surroundings. I would definitely recommend it!

If you would like to book, or learn more about the Azure Recovery Retreat, email or visit the Azure Wellness Retreat website.

PLEASE NOTE that this is not a Club Soda event. Some Club Soda members attended last year’s retreat, and will go again this year, and we are happy to promote the retreats to our members.

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Azure Recovery Retreat

Azure Wellness Retreat

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