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Belfast Lunch Social

Belfast lunch social

Suzy will be hosting our first ever Club Soda Social in Belfast at the fabulous looking Made in Belfast! The venue’s main priority is the food, which has to be high quality, locally sourced, ethically and environmentally sourced with high standards of animal husbandry. Their design concept is scoured from skips and second-hand shops with a little bit of Ikea Their approach to food reflects the owners own preferences. “it’s back to basic, rustic peasant food but with influences from all over the world, Aussie burgers, Russian salads and Scandi Smushis – anything goes!” They also have a good range of alcohol-free drinks including Erdinger, Seedlip Garden, Seedlip Spice, Fever Tree and soft drinks.

We have a reservation for twelve places but could possibly squeeze a few more in if there is enough interest so book now if you want to guarantee a space at the table!.

When you book you will automatically be asked to pre-order your food but YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED for the food, you will pay for your food and drink at the end of the event. You will be asked to select a main and a side order. If you don’t want a side tick the ‘I don’t want a side‘ box. The lunch menu can be seen here.

Our Admin Fee:

We charge at £6 non-refundable administration fee to most of our events. Each event takes hours to set up and manage. We post on four platforms, generate three sets of custom made artwork, prepare time managed info emails, generate discussions on Facebook and liaise with the host and venue. We pay VAT and platform charges from the £6 and the remainder covers out costs. We aim to be transparent and will happily give more information regarding our charges if desired.

Event Details

Belfast Lunch Social

01:30 PM - 04:30 PM
Made In Belfast

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4 Wellington St, Belfast, BT1 6HT