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Bristol Lunch+ Social

Bristol Lunch


Annette will be hosting a dry lunch at Bertha’s in Bristol with the option to attend the tattoo exhibition after. This is a fabulous and friendly pizza place, based around quality local ingredients, vegan options and with a good range of soft drinks and Nanny State AF beer. You will order food on the day unless the group becomes large then we will contact you with a pre-order request. You can view the food menu here.

Whether you decide to join some of the group for the exhibition is up to you and can be decided on the day.

We charge a non-refundable £6 admin fee for our events which cover the cost of setting up, coordinating and managing four platforms.


Where possible we try to create real-world opportunities for our members to meet, to bring our community closer together and to help you practice the important art of meeting new people and socialising sober.

Whether you are cutting down or going alcohol-free, these dry socials will help you develop new skills that are key to changing drinking habits – plus it’s also a great opportunity to get a little inspiration from members who are further along the journey than you.

Club Soda lunches are friendly and informal, so don’t be daunted. There is an opportunity to chat to people going beforehand in the Facebook group and if you want someone to meet you before going to the venue, just email and we will arrange for another member to meet you and introduce you to the group.

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Bristol Lunch+ Social

01:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Bertha's Pizza

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The Old Gaol Stables Cumberland Road, BS1 6WW