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Cambridge Lunch Social

Cambridge sober lunch social

The Event:

Lesley will be hosting a Club Soda Lunch Social at the Old Ticket Office in Cambridge on Sunday 9th June. The venue is right beside the station so it’s impossible to get lost and easy to get home from if you fancy popping down from somewhere further afield. If you like vivid green, nostalgia and a fantastic range of alcohol-free drinks then you really must come down for the afternoon.

The food menu is extensive and caters well Vegetarians and Vegans.

The ‘No to Low’ drinks on offer include Nirvana, Brew Dog, Erdinger, Koppaberg, homemade lemonade and OJ, Mocktails and other goodies.

Our Admin Fee:

We charge at £6 non-refundable administration fee to most of our events. Each event takes hours to set up and manage. We post on four platforms, generate three sets of custom made artwork, prepare time managed info emails, generate discussions on Facebook and liaise with the host and venue. We pay VAT and platform charges from the £6 and the remainder covers out costs. We aim to be transparent and will happily give more information regarding our charges if desired.

Event Details

Cambridge Lunch Social

01:00 PM - 04:00 PM
The Old Ticket Office

Booking & Tickets

Venue Details

The Railway Station, CB1 2JW