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Mindful Drinking Stories? Motivation from other people’s inspiring stories

“Numbing vulnerability also dulls our experience of love, joy, belonging, creativity, and empathy. We can’t selectively numb emotion. Numb the dark and you numb the light” – Brene Brown

Fresh out of “Sober October”, and not far from “Dry January” – we are surrounded by events and language that suggests life without alcohol is boring and missing something.

Yet if you were offered a pill that gave you more energy, helped you lose weight, made you look younger, and improved your productivity you would jump at the chance, especially if it saved you money too! Changing your relationship with alcohol can achieve all those things.

Does that really sound like a life with something missing, or the development of some pretty awesome superpowers? Are we just too ready to believe the myth that sees booze as our go-to method for feeling good, or dealing with the bad times?

At this event you will get to hear real experiences from people like you. All of them have changed their drinking habits, in different ways, and for a variety of reasons. They are now actively moderating their alcohol use, or have chosen an alcohol-free lifestyle. You will also have a chance to ask any questions you have.


Rosamund Dean, author of Mindful Drinking; How cutting down can change your life

Africa Brook – @blackoutbell who has blogged about quitting

Jen Tree – Club Soda’s moderating rock-chick

Julian Kirkham-Page author of I Don’t Drink

Carwyn, a Club Soda member from Wales.

Part of the Mindful Drinking Christmas Festival

£5 for Club Soda members (it is free to join, check out the discount code in our emails and in the Facebook group).

£10 for guests.

NOTE: a ticket to any one of the three Festival events gives you free access to all of them!

The other two events are: Love, Sex and Dating Sober with Harriet Waley-Cohen & Amber Tozer – Sober Stick Figure.

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Mindful Drinking Stories? Motivation from other people’s inspiring stories

04:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Mindful Drinking Christmas Festival

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Mindful Drinking Christmas Festival
Spitalfields Market, 37 Brushfield Street, London,, E1 6AA