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Chorleywood Lunch Social

Ros will be hosting our lunch social in Chorleywood on Saturday 15th June at The Gate pub.

The Gate not only looks gorgeous but has an excellent menu and a great selection of drinks including watermelon or pineapple mules, Thomas & Evans No.1 sparkling botanical beverage, the latest release from Seedlip, Grove 42 served with Fever-Tree tonic and zesty orange. They also offer many low alcohol beer and cider options.

After lunch, those who wish can join us in a postprandial stroll through the local countryside.

We have a reservation for twelve places but could possibly squeeze a few more in if there is enough interest so book now if you want to guarantee a space at the table!

The lunch menu can be seen here.

The Vegan menu can be seen here:

The booking problem for this event has been corrected.

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Chorleywood Lunch Social

12:30 PM - 04:30 PM
The Gate Pub Chorley Wood

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Rickmansworth Road Chorley Wood Rickmansworth Hertfordshire, WD3 5SQ