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Highlights from our beer tasting

Best non-alcoholic beer

Want to know the absolute best non-alcoholic beer? Then look no further. With and our members we tasted a range and here is our verdict!

1. Paulaner Weisse 0% got top marks from members

Distinguishing features:

  • It’s only 96 calories!
  • German beer
  • Same full Weissbier (wheat beer) flavour as its big brother: Unfiltered, refreshing and vitalising.

Our members said:

  • “would eat with cheese or pudding”
  • “slice of lime would be a great addition”
  • “Can I have some to take home please?”

2. Jupiler 0.5% also good

Distinguishing features:

  • in a 250ml bottle – what is that about!
  • a sturdy beer with a slightly bitter finish
  • by one of Belgium’s biggest breweries

Our members said:

  • “like a hybrid between a Belgian beer and a pilsner”
  • “Yum”
  • “Good, soft, creamy and easy to drink”

3. Bernard 0.5% good with curry?

Distinguishing features:

  • Bitter caramel taste!
  • Good with curry and chinese and other strong flavours
  • Pasteurised so has a home brew quality to it

Our members said:

  • “nutty, treackly and malty”
  • “a bit lively”
  • “would be great with tapas”

4. Superbok Pilsner 0.5% for a summer BBQ

Distinguishing features:

  • Been around for 15 years
  • No-one would guess this was non-alcoholic
  • 76 Calories

Our members said:

  • “I would drink this next to the BBQ in the summer with lime in the top”
  • “serve it really really cold”

And a special guest stout

And a shout out to new brewery Nirvana Beer Company, who sent us a test bottle of their non-alcoholic stout (0.7% ABV we think). It was a bit hit in our previous beer tasting, and is still a favourite amongst our members:

“It’s like chocolate, would have it with dessert, or as dessert’

“How can I get some?”

“Sweet and bitter but very lovely”


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I am Laura the Co-Founder at Club Soda. I gave up drinking in 2012 and hope that I can support you to take a self-guided journey to change your drinking whatever your goal.

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