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All the tools you need to cut down, moderate, stop for a bit, or quit drinking alcohol

with Laura Willoughby and Jussi Tolvi

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More about this workshop

We know drinking is a hard habit to change. An alcoholic drink accompanies most of our social situations and celebrations. It is also a reward, a comforter and a social ice-breaker. But sometimes we drink to cushion ourselves from the complicated parts of our lives, the things we think are too difficult to deal with.

Whether your aim is to cut down, moderate, stop for a bit, quit, or stick, this workshop will give you the confidence to tackle those issues head on. Supported by others on the same journey, you’ll get a chance to think through the changes you want to make, and plan your route to a simpler, sustainable, and more sober life.

Workshop topics

The workshop will cover the following topics:

      • Preparing to change your drinking

      • Planning your moderation or quitting in detail

      • Understand the potential pitfalls and how to tackle them

      • Deal with social situations with confidence

      • The role your friends and family play in supporting you

      • Fresh insight into your strengths and values and how they can power change

      • A chance to think about your priorities for change.

Brilliant facilitators! It was very well run and I found it really useful, fun and supportive.


Came because I wanted to cut down – not give up. Was very good for that.


Excellent venue. Very warm & easy-going approach & atmosphere.


Good to have enough time to share, & no pressure to share if not inclined to. Felt there was space to allow & hold my slightly emotional response at times, so thank you =)


About Laura and Jussi

Laura and Jussi are co-founders of Club Soda. Laura quit drinking 4 years ago and Jussi has actively moderated for the past 5 years. Over the last two years, in developing Club Soda, they have learnt about the behavioural tools and techniques to help you break your drinking habit. They will share them with you in this workshop.

Club Soda workshops

Club Soda workshops have been designed to give you practical tools to help you make a change in your drinking habits. You’ll be challenged to think deeply about the barriers and how to overcome them, and provided with a space to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences with other open-minded individuals on a similar journey.

These sessions are designed by Club Soda. They include a mix of talks, group activities and good conversations. There is ongoing support provided post-workshop on our website.