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Webinar: Janey Lee Grace’s year alcohol-free

Janey Lee Grace Alcohol-Free Life Webinar

Janey Lee Grace is a familiar personality in the UK, as long-standing co-host of BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright in The Afternoon, which has over 9 million listeners. She is also a successful author, including the Amazon No 1 best-seller “Imperfectly Natural Woman” and an expert TV commentator and magazine columnist on ethical living, wellness, and beauty.

Janey’s been alcohol-free for one year now, so she joined us for the webinar below to talk about her sober journey, to share her thoughts on being a host at the Mindful Drinking Festival and to tell us about her brand-new podcast (details below).

Janey Lee Grace Alcohol Free Life” has been launched to coincide with Janey’s first year of being alcohol-free, and will shine a light on all of the amazing benefits and products people can discover as a result of kicking alcohol to the kerb.

The podcast isn’t aimed at people who need professional help with an addiction, but for those who know, deep down, that they would benefit from cutting down, or quitting altogether. (Listen to episode two in which Janey interviews our Club Soda co-founder Laura here.)

Janey is also heading up a campaign for the charity My Yard who provide healthy food to those in crisis, called #staydrytilljuly which aims to inspire people to take a longer challenge than just dry Jan, focusing on self-care and the positive benefits.  They are giving away fabulous self-care prizes on Instagram on and @janeyleegrace and asking people to share their #soberselfcare tips – what works for you?

Watch Laura interview Janey on this webinar recording.


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