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Peer-led || Digital || Scalable || Measurable || Affordable

Designed to support  individuals taking a self-guided journey to change their drinking.

Club Soda is a peer-led healthy lifestyle brand aimed at non-dependent drinkers.

We serve the 5 million adults of all ages in the UK who are actively looking to moderate or quit drinking as part of a healthier lifestyle.

We support them in a self-guided journey to reduce their alcohol use.

Club Soda has been developed from a combination of personal experience and latest behaviour change science. Providing a trusted, empowering, ethical solution for people who want to start making a change.

Digital and real world behaviour change tools

FREE online goal setting and weekly prompts to update progress

Using our online motivational questioning tool members set a goal and are prompted weekly by email to update their progress

Sober Sprint is our online programme supporting you to take a Month Off Booze. Video, content, special life tracker tools and daily emails. Six months later, members are still drinking less.

Mindful Drinking is our 56 day email programme of stimulating and practical emails that help individuals understand their drinking, and how they can change their relationship with alcohol. Evaluation shows a reduction in alcohol use.

Local face-to-face workshops

For example our Dry January Bootcamp and How to Change your Drinking workshops.

Active peer community

With over 9,000 members, there is always someone online in our peer community to offer advice; social action at its best.

Relevant, engaging content for you to use locally, and targeted through social media channels.

Member-led social events such as 0% beer tastings, pub socials, lunches and theatre trips.


  • We can provide local authority partners with anonymised data for their community.
  • Full evaluation of our programmes.
  • Tracking of online activity and engagement.