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Our no and low alcohol beer tasting part 2 – low & light alcohol (under 3%)

Club Soda Low Alcohol Beer Tasting

Low Alcohol Beer Tasting event

Well we had a great time at Mother Kelly’s in Bethnal Green – Dani had found us some weird beers, love/hate beers, the same beers (with different ABVs) and some rare beers.

Here is a rundown of the Low and Light Alcohol beers (under 3% and excellent for cutting down your drinking); what people thought, from beer experts to amateurs, what they liked/disliked, smelt or tasted like… Find out where to get hold of some below, and let us know your thoughts! The first part of this series covers the non-alcoholic beers (under 0.5%). We’re also going to be holding another event on June 22nd – you can book your place here.

Thanks to Mother Kelly’s for hosting, Dani for curating, Geoff from London CAMRA, Dave from Londonist, and Matt from Real Ales and of course our members for joining this pioneering event.

Cromarty Brewing Co 2 Craigs Unstout

Cromarty-Brewing-Co-1-Craigs-Low alcohol beerABV: 2%

Style: Unstout (similar to a black IPA in style)

Where to buy: Online!


“Fine, but I tend not to go for dark beers”

“All in the smell, taste a bit empty. I wouldn’t drink this anywhere”

“I’d drink this at a beer festival, probably ten or more! It tastes well above its strength”

Here is what Flick had to say:

Bad Seed Brewery Berliner Weisse

 Bad Seed Brewery Berliner Weisse Low Alcohol BeerABV: 2.8%

Style: Berliner Weisse

Where to buy: Online!

“Light, fruity, surprisingly refreshing”

“I’d drink about four of these with a cheese board or a sausage roll”

“Bit yukky…tastes cheesy, but tastes better than it smells. But, no thanks…”

Dave Haste from Londonist had a word or two to say:


Jester King – Le Petit Prince

Jester King - Le Petit Prince Low Alcohol BeerABV: 2.8%

Style: Farmhouse Table Beer

Where to buy: Online!


“This smelt and tasted more like a cider than a beer! I’d have a few of these with some hard cheese”

Matt Curtis got a little excited:

Weird Beard Dark Hopfler


Weird Beer Dark Hopfler Low AlcoholABV: 2.5%

Style: Milk Stout

Where to buy: Online!

“Lovely roasted smell, tasted like licorice and blackcurrant. I’ll have ten please!”

Dani explains the process of making it (it starts off really strong!):


And Claire and Jussi conclude it is a marmite of a beer!


Mikkeller Drink’In the Sun


     Mikkeller Drink'In the Sun Low Alcohol Beer   ABV: 2.8%

       Style: American style Wheat Ale

       Where to buy: online or on tap in Brewdog.


“This tastes above its strength, and delivers a pleasant hop/fruit/malt balance”

Hannah shares her comparison with the 0.3% version:



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