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Would an online coach help me change my drinking?

Drink Coach online

Digital innovation has revolutionised our lives over recent years. Today we can order groceries online, stream almost any entertainment we want instantly, track our vital statistics, and book an appointment with our GP. It’s no wonder then that the way we engage with health services is changing.

We want flexible solutions to everyday problems and we want them now! That’s why we’re seeing the rise of online coaching. While it is a relatively new approach to dealing with risky drinking it’s in keeping with our demands – for flexibility, convenience and, very importantly, our need for confidentiality.

In this webinar discussion Laura talks to Mark Holmes, Assistant Director of the Innovation Unit at Blenheim and online alcohol coach for Drink Coach. Mark talks through the rise of online coaching, as well as the benefits and the challenges. He offers some good advice on what to expect from a coach and how to find a good one. He also talks through the practicalities, like what hardware you need, and addresses any concerns you have about going online for coaching support to help you with your drinking.

Drink Coach works whatever your goal, including moderation. It is also free in some parts of the UK and we will post details of those soon. Otherwise it is £55 for up to 40 minutes.

If you want to try Drink Coach, you can book an online coaching session here – please say you found out about it from Club Soda when asked!


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I am Laura the Co-Founder at Club Soda. I gave up drinking in 2012 and hope that I can support you to take a self-guided journey to change your drinking whatever your goal.

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