Kick Start Sober October


Join Club Soda’s kick start workshop to get you ready for the sober month ahead.


Kick Start Sober October

Saturday 30th September

2pm to 6pm

Ministry of Start-Ups, 14-22 Elder Street, London, E1 6BT

Join up and arm yourself for a month off alcohol

Thinking about taking a month off booze?

Nervous about going sober for October?

Then join Club Soda’s kick start workshop to get you ready for the sober month ahead!


Whether you are looking to do a hard reset in order to moderate your drinking habits, or taking your first steps of going alcohol-free, you will learn the tools to help you through four weeks without alcohol and discover tried and tested tricks to be successful.

Led by the founders of Club Soda, Laura Willoughby MBE and Dr Jussi Tolvi. Laura stopped drinking five years ago and knows all about the perils and pitfalls of giving up, while Jussi practices mindfulness and successfully moderates his drinking. They know their stuff.

What is this all about?

  • Practical tools to plan the month ahead, ride discomfort and avoid pitfalls.
  • The chance to meet other open-minded people with the same goals
  • Tools to monitor improvements – sleep, mood, confidence and more
  • Recommendations for something exciting to drink instead (including tasting some of the easily available drinks)
  • A private Facebook community of 3000+ people who will have your back
  • Also included is FREE access for our Sober Sprint email course, for support throughout the month worth £49

But is it actually any good?


“It was really great, helpful and informative, very prepared and hopeful for the future.” – Emma

“Just wanted to thank everyone concerned for the workshop which I found really helpful – and fun. So often discussions around the subject of alcohol can get mired in gloom and doom and denial, I really liked the fact that what shone through above all – for me – was that this isn’t about denying ourselves anything. Quite the opposite. It is about enhancing our lives and adding enjoyment rather than taking it away.” – Claire

Okay, where and when?

Saturday 30th September, 2pm to 6pm

Ministry of Start-Ups, 14-22 Elder Street, London, E1 6BT

If you have any questions, then email Laura.

What should I expect at the workshop?

This is a small workshop of up to 12 people. During the afternoon you will work in pairs and as a group to explore goal setting, planning, pitfalls, and develop your personal strategies to get you through the month ahead.

What do I need to bring?

We will provide drinks and snacks, but please bring pen and paper and/or other note taking devices.

The Venue

Based near Spitalfields Market, this venue is easily accessible from Liverpool Street and Shoreditch High Street Overground stations as well as a number of local buses. There is no general public parking.

We are on the ground floor with disabled access and toilet facilities. Please get in contact to discuss any accessibility requirements so we can make sure we have all your needs covered.


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