DRY - non-alcoholic cocktail recipe book

Amazon says: This book is full of the very best cocktails – the most delicious flavours, the most distinctive combinations and the most adventurous recipes. And they are all made with non-alcoholic ingredients, from exciting new mixers to rich, fragrant syrups and spirits. Most can be created with ingredients found in your kitchen or garden,…

DRY – Non-alcoholic cocktails, cordials and clever concoctions
Clare Liardet
Mocktail Manual

What Amazon says: In The Mocktail Manual, Fern Green shares over 90 of the world’s tastiest alcohol-free drinks, including smoothies, punches, juices, mocktails, energizers and more. So whether you re trying to detox, lose weight, fancy a hot drink to dispel the winter blues, or find yourself the designated driver for the night, there s…

The Mocktail Manual
Fern Green
Helen McGinn's Teetotal Tipples

Helen McGinn’s Teetotal Tipples, for January and Beyond Ever decided to go booze-free only to find the alternatives a little, well . . . boring? If you’re embarking on a dry spell, this book is just the tonic (so to speak). Drinks expert Helen McGinn shows you how to make the most of your time…

Helen McGinn’s Teetotal Tipples
Helen McGinn