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Alcoholic to Alcohol Free – Nutrition and Mindfulness Steps to Stay Sober

Alcoholic to alcohol free book

What To Eat To Control Alcohol and Cravings and Help You Live The Life You Dreamed Of In Recovery

Amazon says:

This book helps you to stop drinking, to move beyond avoiding alcohol towards a life that is richer, happier and more fun than your drinking days. Rebuild your life and your looks.

This series is written to inspire you if you want to control alcohol or be alcohol-free for an evening, a day, a month or forever. Catherine takes you through some of the coaching and personal techniques that she uses to help clients get free of alcohol and live the life you really want.

What to eat to help you stop drinking what supplements specific to alcohol addiction and recovery. The recipes are for healthy eating with specific nutrients to target liver health. There is also a section on juices for every day and rejuvenation.

The Chapters are: • Building the sober person from the inside out • How you got sober does not matter • Looking and feeling great • It’s all about blood sugar • How is alcohol metabolised • Effect of stopping drinking on your body • Supporting your body to get back to optimum health • The food element of HALT • Supplements • Liver supporting foods and recipes • Juices for sobriety

Club Soda members say:

“Been reading this over last few days. Would describe it as a ring binder of useful information, anecdotes, epiphany moments, easy to understand nutrition information and well …. common sense. And all for the price of a bottle of wine.” Janis

Alcoholic to Alcohol Free – Nutrition and Mindfulness Steps to Stay Sober
Catherine Mason Thomas
Amazon UK

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