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Easy Way to Control Alcohol

Allen Carr Easy Way to Control Alcohol

Allen Carr’s books on how to stop smoking, lose weight and control alcohol have sold well over 11 million copies worldwide. This book is about quitting drinking.

What Club Soda members say:

The Allen Carr book was the first book I read on my day one . Still alcohol-free . Some might find it doesn’t appeal to them, I found it was exactly what I needed at the time.. Some find fault in every book that wants them to change their thinking of course but I feel that having an open mind is a big part of changing learned behavior. Garry

It did help me give up. However, I did find it a bit boring in parts if am honest. But persevere if you can. Charlotte

Very clever as you start out thinking that you’ll understand how to control booze, but you realise it’s always been controlling you. Elaine

Why I stopped drinking. Terribly written but 100% effective at getting me to reappraise alcohol and my desire for it. Neil


Easy Way to Control Alcohol
Allen Carr
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