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How to Change Your Drinking

Reset relationship with alcohol in four weeks

How to Change Your Drinking e-book is the first Club Soda book!  It will help you reset your relationship with alcohol in four weeks (only available for Kindle for now we’re afraid…)

Changing your drinking habits can be hard. In this book we share what we at Club Soda have learned from helping hundreds of people to reach their goals, whether to cut down or quit alcohol for good. The book is partly based on our four-week Sober Sprint (formerly called Month Off Booze or MOB) online programme, which supports you to successfully get through a month without alcohol.

A member said of an earlier version of this e-book: “Club Soda have put together the perfect survival guide for anyone considering embarking on a new sober adventure. Packed full of ideas and useful tips and pointers this book should be in everyone’s pocket. A thoroughly useful companion.”

How to Change Your Drinking
Club Soda
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