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I Don’t Drink!: How to quit alcohol – a drinker’s tale

I don't drink how to quit alcohol

Julian Kirkman-Page is an old friend of Club Soda. You can read several of his guest blogs on this site.

He is also an author, “I Don’t Drink!: How to quit alcohol – a drinker’s tale” is his first book. It tells the story of how he quit drinking for good. In his own words:

I had never considered myself to be an alcoholic. But after 40 years of being a drinker, I had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, regular bouts of crippling gout, a frighteningly short-term life expectation, and I finally realised just what a mess my life had become. I had even watched my mother and elder brother die due to drink, my brother was only 56! Then, in December 2012 I decided enough was enough and I quit alcohol forever. I created my own methodology and without resorting to drugs, rehab or any outside help, I have never touched a drop since and I know I never will again. I have never been so wonderfully healthy or happy as I am now, I have revolutionised life for me and those around me I love. Even my type 2 diabetes has been resolved, and I expect to live another 30 years at least. AND IMPORTANTLY – following my methodology, despite what you may anticipate now, like me you won’t miss drink at all!

You may also be interested in Julian’s second book, One less for the road: Is there life after alcohol? which continues his story of quitting drink.

I Don’t Drink!: How to quit alcohol – a drinker’s tale
Julian Kirkman-Page
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