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No Room to Live: A Journey from Addiction to Recovery

No room to live - journey from addiction to recovery

Amazon says: Very moving book about the author’s journey from addiction to recovery. Gave it to an addict friend of mine who found it truly inspiring.

Club Soda members say: Wynford Ellis Owen is the founder of The Living Room Cardiff. This is a recovery charity.

I think it’ will be an interesting read for CS members. It begins in a totally different culture – Welsh-speaking rural Wales in the 1950s. Respectable, chapel-going culture where everybody knew each others’ business. Wynford became a prominent actor in the Welsh language scene but destroyed his life several times over during the 1970s and 1980s. He speaks of being in recovery since 1992.

However, the underlying themes are the same as many posts of Club Soda in 2018: self-criticism, self-loathing, dysfunctional family life, etc etc… and finally the role of faith and self-acceptance in recovery.

It is perhaps a book for the deeper thinker. It may possibly have a bit too much emphasis on “God” (however we define that) in its conclusions for some people, but I would certainly recommend it as an “old skool” autobiography of a man of a particular generation and culture. Carwyn

No Room to Live: A Journey from Addiction to Recovery
Wynford Ellis Owen
Amazon UK

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