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One Less for the Road: Is there life after alcohol?

If you feel the need to sort out your issue with alcohol but you are scared or reluctant to quit because you can’t imagine life without drink, then this book is for you. Written by a friend of Club Soda and our frequent guest blogger Julian. In his own words:

An awareness, awakening and thought provoking book aimed at people contemplating cutting down or even giving up their drinking forever – and a book that might just change your life!

After 40 years of drinking and ending up a total alcoholic mess with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, gout and truthfully expecting to be dead not long after the age of 56, one day in 2012 I decided to quit alcohol forever. I’ve never touched a drop since, and I have never been so wonderfully healthy, happy or contented, and I have hopefully added at least 30 years to my life!

But before that fateful day, I never wanted to give up drinking, I loved drinking, and I couldn’t envisage life without the daily joy of bottles of wine, cider and the occasional gin. So what is it really like when you throw the alcohol crutch away, and how have I coped with what I expected to be a life full of daily challenges, stress, regret, boredom and witnessing the laughter and the fun times steadily fade into distant memory? What will it be like for you if you follow my example?

You may also like Julian’s first book, “I Don’t Drink! How to quit alcohol – a drinker’s tale” which tells the story of how he quit drinking in the first place.

One Less for the Road: Is there life after alcohol?
Julian Kirkman-Page
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