I can’t praise enough this book… It tells you how to ride out the cravings… she does some harsh but straight talking and I found it the best read (I don’t care about how many percent of this or that helps or hinders my cravings!

Alcohol – Top 10 Cravings Busters
Catherine Mason Thomas

A question and answer book where you really need to look at yourself and relationship with alcohol and write down your thoughts and feelings.

Get Sober, Get Free
Veronica Valli

A very moving book on the topic of alcohol and families – worth downloading. What Club Soda members have said: I read Amanda Prowse’s ” Another Love” over Christmas. It is a very powerful book. A must read as a reminder of how evil alcohol is, how the addiction creeps up and when it has…

Another Love
Amanda Prowse

If you feel the need to sort out your issue with alcohol but you are scared or reluctant to quit because you can’t imagine life without drink, then this book is for you. Written by a friend of Club Soda and our frequent guest blogger Julian. In his own words: An awareness, awakening and thought…

One Less for the Road: Is there life after alcohol?
Julian Kirkman-Page