I love this – not directly about giving up alcohol although that is a big part of her story, more a great spiritual journey book for those looking to replace drink with spiritual and soul food.

A Return to Love
Marianne Williamson

Written by a Club Soda member! “I have been continuously sober since May 2001. I am passionate about changing our countries attitudes towards alcohol and binge drinking. I believe we have normalized abnormal drinking and are in complete denial about the devastating effects of alcohol abuse. We need to a cultural shift in our attitude…

Why you drink and how to stop: A Journey to Freedom
Veronica Valli

Amazon says: Do you count down the minutes to wine o’clock on a daily basis? If you want to give up being controlled and defined by alcohol then now is the time to join The Sober Revolution… Fed up of living in a fog of hangovers, lethargy and guilt from too much wine? Have you tried…

The Sober Revolution
Sarah Turner and Lucy Rocca

A pilot miraculously rescues his plane and its passengers from disaster, but there’s something he is hiding…

Starring Denzel Washington
Growing up a drunk girl film

Comedy/drama about a teacher’s road to sobriety

Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul