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Ruby Warrington – being sober curious

Sober Curious Ruby Warrington

In this guest webinar, Ruby Warrington shares with us her sober curious lifestyle. Ruby runs a series of sober events called “Off the Rocks” in New York. In the webinar, she talks about her journey through sober sprints, and now rare and occasional drinking. She also has a curiosity about how our culture encourages drinking, and how it is hard to do something different.

More importantly she shares a story that is empowering, and about equipping yourself with the right knowledge to move forward with your goals.

“We are just humans doing the best with the information we have got. It is just that we have been misinformed when it comes to alcohol. We have it in our power to inform ourselves so we can make the right choices.”

Ruby mentioned two books in her webinar: This Naked Mind and The Biology of Desire. You can find both listed on our members bookshop. All books are recommended by Club Soda members – take a peek at what else is there.


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I am Laura the Co-Founder at Club Soda. I gave up drinking in 2012 and hope that I can support you to take a self-guided journey to change your drinking whatever your goal.

2 comments on “Ruby Warrington – being sober curious

  1. robbie
    robbie on

    I packed in drinking on 2nd July 2016 although I found it more difficult towards the festivity side of events I am not thinking would one drink just take the edge off I went 9 mths last time and started again but for some unknown reason I tried quitting after my mums x passing thought I could handle it all how wrong was I

  2. robbie
    robbie on

    Anyone else out there would like to come on board and beat this together I would much appreciate any feedback back 😊 guess looking at bottles of alcohol in our house of other family members I just get the urge to open a bottle ! Or for some daft reason if I move them out of my sight ! ie out of sight out of mind etc ! But somehow strange feelings of drinking again only come for about 30 secs then am completely back down to earth again ! I didn’t drink a great deal but I drank more n more after Mum passed ! I just knew then it was a comfort to take the pain away ! Although at times I test myself by holding a bottle in my hand or sniffing an open bottle hope this sort of makes sense thank u yours kindly

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