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Take a month off alcohol at any time

Whether your long term goal is to to cut down or quit, a Sober Sprint, or a Month Off Booze (MOB) can help you reset your relationship with alcohol.

Join our guided online programme to support and inspire your Sober Sprint

Hundreds of people have taken part in this programme so far, many as part of Dry July, Dryathlon, Go Sober for October, or Dry January campaigns. Happy Mobbers are still part of our online community getting – and giving – further support and advice.

“Thank you Club Soda for your consistently helpful, creative, and inspiring daily emails. You’ve thought of absolutely everything!” Samantha

I’m so happy I’ve joined the MOB – it really has given me the motivation to stick at it.  I was so fed up with the morning after regrets and the ‘this is the last time’ collapses… I am already sleeping so much better.” Germane

Designed by Club Soda and our expert psychologist Helen O’Connor

The four week Sober Sprint online course will help you to:

  • develop a better understanding of your drinking personality

  • discover the things that trigger your drinking, and help you cope with them

  • track the benefits of being without alcohol for a month

  • learn about being in social situations without drinking

  • learn how to deal with persistent, drink pushing mates

  • reflect on your progress throughout your sober month, and

  • decide on your long term drinking goals.

Daily emails, exercises, videos

The Sober Sprint programme includes:

  • 30 daily emails (+ 8 regular Club Soda motivational emails, and the online goal setting and progress tracking tools)

  • exercises and tasks to help you manage your dry month

  • a private online library of information and advice

  • 6 hours of video content with the Club Soda team and special guests

  • 4 downloadable e-booklets (as pdf files)

  • more than 40 non-alcoholic drink suggestions and reviews

  • a supportive private Facebook community of thousands of people changing their drinking together

  • ongoing anytime access to all the materials, still available after you have completed your programme.

You can start this programme at any time

After a successful Dry January MOB in 2016, we launched the programme as an “anytime” course – so you can start it on any day of the year. And we’ve changed the name from MOB to Sober Sprint.

Your Sober Sprint programme will start the day after you have paid for the course, and last for 4 weeks, with lifetime access to the private library and online community.

Price: Only £35 for the whole month’s programme with lifetime access!

You can pay by debit card, credit card or PayPal.

If you are buying from outside of the UK, PayPal and Stripe will automatically convert the price into your local currency (on 15th May 2019, £35 was approximately €40, $45 in USA, $60 Canadian and $65 Australian; do always check the actual price though as these will change each day!)

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Who leads the programme?

The Sober Sprint programme has been developed by Helen O’Connor, a UK chartered psychologist with experience and training in areas such as health behaviour change, sports psychology, and addiction, and Laura and Jussi from Club Soda, who both have personal experience of changing their drinking – which is why they set up Club Soda. You can read more about the Club Soda team here.

You will also meet some of our special guest writers and webinar experts during the month, from people who have been there and done that, to some of Club Soda’s expert members, such as nutritionists and life coaches.

Jussi and Laura from Club SodaHelen O'Connor


Long term benefits of a Sober Sprint

Our first ever MOB/Sober Sprint programme took place in October 2015. Six months later (May 2016) we asked people from the first programme how they were doing now, half a year after their sober month. Everyone who responded said they were drinking less than they did before (most said they were drinking “much less”), and that their health and general wellbeing were also better. Some had lower blood pressure and had lost weight. Here are quotes from two members showing the benefits you can get from completing the programme:

Before the MOB I’d done a couple of months of counting units and sticking within the government’s old guidelines for men but it felt a struggle and it wasn’t clear that I would be able to stick at it. Now I don’t notice anymore that I don’t drink at home and can pace myself when out on ordinary evenings out. I sleep much better and have much better skin but I haven’t lost weight and haven’t managed to shake off a cold any better than before.

I have now been sober for 32 days. My blood pressure has normalized and I sleep better and I have lost 10 lbs. Thanks.

Doing a Dry January, Going Sober for October?

A Sober Sprint is excellent additional support if you are doing a sober month for charity, and feel like you are finding it difficult. The Sober Sprint programme will take you through your dry month (whether January or any other month!), what you might be feeling at the start, halfway through, and towards the end of your challenge. And we will give you many tools and tips to help you successfully reach your goals.

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If you have any questions please email Laura at .


While we make every effort to run our programmes as advertised, we reserve the right to change course content, dates, and trainers/moderators if necessary. We also reserve the right to suspend any member who does not keep to our Club Rules and Terms and Conditions.