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Drink Coach Online Coaching

Drink Coach

Helping you #DrinkDifferently

Drink Coach online coaching sessions are a professional, convenient and confidential way to discuss your drinking and receive guidance from an alcohol treatment specialist. Bookings can be made at a time that suits you, including evenings and weekends, with the sessions happening in a place that suits you as well – all you need is a Skype connection.

At the end of the programme, you should have reduced the amount you are drinking (either to lower levels or by cutting it out altogether, depending on your goals) and already be noticing physical and emotional benefits from reducing your drinking, such as improved sleep and energy levels, weight loss, reduced anxiety and better relationships.

A standard programme consists of up to four coaching sessions and up to two follow-up sessions, delivered over Skype by a qualified alcohol treatment specialist. The sessions are an online form of brief treatment based on motivational interviewing techniques used in standard face-to-face alcohol treatment.

Each session will last approximately 40 minutes and will review your current drinking levels, explore your relationship with alcohol, help you set your desired goals and then support you to achieve them.

Once you’ve made a booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us and an introductory email from your DrinkCoach which includes a workbook covering some of the tools we use and requests some administrative details.

The price of each coaching session is £45.

Drink Coach is provided by Blenheim, a charity working with people who have alcohol- and drug-related issues. The profits from Drink Coach are reinvested in Blenheim’s work to address alcohol- and drug-related harm.