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OurPath – Food, Activity and Wellbeing Programme

OurPath health & wellbeing programme

What is the OurPath programme?

OurPath is a six-week online programme for better health and wellbeing. It will help you make small changes to your lifestyle that lead to big results. On the programme you will:

  • Reset your cravings and learn a new way of eating
  • Set personalised, incremental goals with your mentor
  • Track your progress using the tech
  • Receive daily articles to keep you motivated
  • Lose weight, feel healthier and more energised.

You will also be assigned a mentor, guiding you through the little changes you need to make. They will monitor your progress, answer any questions and keep you motivated. The mentors are all trained health professionals, with a background in either nutrition, physical exercise, or behavioural change. They have all been trained by the Royal Society for Public Health on behavioural change and lifestyle improvement.

The OurPath programme can be accessed online from your computer, tablet, or phone (both iPhone and Android). The price of the programme also includes dedicated tech kit to help you along: an activity tracker and smart scales that you get to keep after the programme too.

Health and wellbeing benefits

And what about the benefits? OurPath have tested the programme, and people have seen good results over the 6 weeks. On average, people have achieved weight loss of 5.3kg, an increase in activity levels of 22%, and also improvements in their sleep, energy levels, and general wellbeing.

For additional extra motivation and accountability you can even join the programme together with other people. So you could get a friend or family member to start with you, or get a few colleagues together for a workplace weight loss challenge!

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Club Soda special offer

We know Chris and Mike, the OurPath founders, and they have very kindly offered a special £20 discount on their programme for all Club Soda members! Just use the link button below to sign up to OurPath to get this special offer.

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