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Port of Call – Experts by Experience

Port of call telephone helpline

Port of Call is a free, confidential helpline for anyone struggling with alcohol.

Ran by Experts by Experience, who themselves have solved their drinking problem, we’re proud to have helped over 6,000 families find freedom from addiction.

We know how difficult and confusing it can be to struggle with alcohol and assure you, you are no longer alone and there is help available.

We started our helpline because it was our experience that when we needed help, we didn’t know where to turn and services weren’t easy to find.

Since then we’ve spent the last 5 years helping others and have created the UK’s most comprehensive signpost service for those affected by addiction.

As an impartial service, we’re able to help callers navigate all options and secure the treatment that is most suitable and effective for them.

From detox to rehab, counselling to support groups, Port of Call can organise everything for you.

Alex, Martin and Victoria are available to take your call on 0800 0029 010. Or visit their website.