Laura with Kombucha

Please note the earlier time this week. This week we cover procrastination – putting off change, waiting for the right moment and all those ‘excuses’ that put off the task for the future you! This webinar will be available to watch on the facebook group at your leisure and will also be on our youtube…

Stop procrastinating
05:00 PM - 05:45 PM
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Preparing for Christmas

Preparing for Christmas In this webinar Laura covers preparing for Christmas, especially if you want it to be your first sober one, or a less boozy one than your previous holidays. First, start by reflecting on Christmas’s past and think about what you want this Christmas to be. Then be creative and discover how to shake…


Laura answers questions and issues that have come up in the community this week. Have a question of your own? Come along and ask on the night or drop an email to All webinars are available after on Facebook, through our weekly email and our YouTube channel.

Sunday Webinar
07:00 PM - 07:30 PM
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Laura drink

The Sunday webinar – alcohol questions I hope your weekend was awesome. This weekend we started something new to help you plan the week ahead: our alcohol questions webinar. Every Sunday evening we are doing a live webinar on the Facebook Group. We will share it here with you on Mondays. So if you have…