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Tips for Bryony

We asked for your tips for Bryony Gordon from The Daily Telegraph. She has had a mostly dry month in her bid to change her relationship with alcohol. Today I shared with her the tips you sent and tweeted.

I think Bryony is going to do well. It won’t be easy, and I am sure it will be a bumpy ride. But what struck me most in our conversation, and Bryony herself may not have realised this, is that whilst her struggles are normal and familiar, her commitment is high and her confidence is increasing. We know that this is a good sign.

Your top tips for Bryony

  1. Plan rewards. “Build in treats in the early days of change – I treated myself to massage and some EFT therapy with the money I saved” – Sam
  2. Think what you are going to put in your mouth – make that an adventure. Your body will want different things than it did before.
  3. Work out your trigger times and know what you will do instead. “I also completely changed up my routine as there were times when the cravings would crescendo so for me it was between 6-8pm.  I would go for a run, go food shopping, get online and read sober blogs, get in the bath, go to the cinema.  Sober treats are a great way of rewarding yourself too so that you don’t feel deprived – a nice coffee or chocolate bar or cake (in my case!) “ – Lucy
  4. Slipped up? Don’t beat yourself up. Just start again. You need to be kind to yourself when you are trying to change bad habits. Think of all the days you didn’t drink!

A journalist walks into a bar… The all-important pub survival tricks!

Be a demanding rebel. Make them work hard, ask your local to get your favourite tipple in, and don’t let the pub fob you off with a J20. Explore their range and get them to mix some stuff together. Ginger beer, lime and soda is a great energising combo.

“I agree it’s attitude! Rock that lime & soda & make the drinkers want one!” – @drychick

Get your round in first. After all, you don’t want to pay for all that booze. Tot up your savings at the end of the night.

“Get your lime & soda in early, lots of ice, and be clear about being dry!” – @NikkiKF

You won’t miss it once everyone is on their second drink.

“Remember that once the hurdle of the first soft drink is past, the rest is easier”. – @soberrachel

Have a witty one-liner ready.

“I always tell people I don’t drink anymore, as I was so good at it I want to give others a chance” – @lcwilloughby


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I am Laura the Co-Founder at Club Soda. I gave up drinking in 2012 and hope that I can support you to take a self-guided journey to change your drinking whatever your goal.

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