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A VIP tour of Club Soda resources

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We realise that you may not know about all the resources we have built to help you on your way in changing your drinking habits, so on this webinar, Laura takes you on a VIP tour of what Club Soda has to offer.

Weekly emails

If you are not yet on our weekly email list, then do sign up. The Monday email has the Sunday webinar recording, and a prompt to check in (if you have set up your goals on our website). The Thursday email has our latest blog articles, webinars and events. Our aim is never to spam you, so we keep our emails to a routine (if you have signed up for a Sober Sprint or Mindful Drinking programme, you will get also your programme emails as advertised).

Useful articles

We have over 500 articles on our website. They cover everything around changing your drinking, from setting goals to drink ideas. You can use the search bar (scroll down on a mobile) to find anything you need – or to help someone else in the community with ideas or advice. Just cut and paste the link.


You can access these on the articles page of the website or in the following ways:

In the weekly email straight to your inbox.

On Facebook – click on the video tab and look for the long ones.

Or on our YouTube channel.

Alongside member stories, we have recommended films and a smattering of other bits and pieces.


You can find these on the Facebook Events Tab or on the website events listings. Many of our events are member led – if you want to set one up then email Laura.

Other resources

Find books in our online “library”.

Discover distractions to take your mind off alcohol, or to find new hobbies.

Expert support and other help from our trusted partners.

Drink ideas – and don’t forget our special Club Soda discount code CLUBSODAVIP which gives you a 5% discount off your shop at both Wisebartender and DryDrinker online shops.

If you’re thinking of doing a sober sprint, would like to cut down your drinking, stop for a while or quit completely – you can sign up to our FREE mailing list for advice, inspiration, events information and more. You can also join our private Facebook group to access our webinars live (check the ‘articles’ section for the saved videos) and to share stories, advice, and support with like-minded people on different stages of their journeys. Want to keep socialising but not sure which places are good for alcohol-free drink choices? Head to our Club Soda pub guide where we list the best places for mindful drinkers.

And don’t forget our Mindful Drinking Festivals – the next one is in Glasgow in October!

Club Soda is a “Pay What You Want” movement. If you liked this article or any of the other resources we provide, we ask that you donate on a one-off or regular basis. You can do it in our secure online shop using PayPal or a credit/debit card. Read more here.


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I am Laura the Co-Founder at Club Soda. I gave up drinking in 2012 and hope that I can support you to take a self-guided journey to change your drinking whatever your goal.

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