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WOOP into the New Year – how to plan for success!

WOOP into 2018 How to plan for success

Dr. Gabriele Oettingen developed WOOP as a powerful method that has been proven to help people accomplish their goals. I love using it for Club Soda as it is:

  • Easy to remember!
  • Great for looking at your overall goal but also planning for individual triggers
  • Helps you get you back on track after a blip
  • Helps you help others in the community – getting them to focus on a WOOP plan is a great mutual support tool.
  • Sounds positive (and it is!)

What does WOOP stand for?

WOOP stands for “Wish, Outcome, Obstacle and Plan”.

Wish is a meaningful, challenging, and feasible goal
Outcome is the best result or feeling from accomplishing your wish
Obstacle is something inside you that prevents you from accomplishing
your wish
Plan is a plan of action: if [obstacle], then I will [effective action].

WOOP is an imagery technique that involves free thoughts. It is also a great way to start or end your day –  you can make this part of your behaviour change practice.

My WOOP for this year:

Wish: To be more focused in my day to help Club Soda grow.

Outcome: Make the last four years of hard slog mean something, and get to the point where we can support more people, but also make society change quicker.

Obstacle: I am quite tired and sometimes this is really hard. The negative comments always knock me with twice the impact of the positive ones.

Plan: Look at positive and negative comments each week and celebrate the good. See how we can make our service better in response to the bad ones. Make sure I take time to look after myself as a business imperative, rather than a ‘only if I have time’ – and take one day off every week! WOOP weekly to plan all aspects of my life for the week ahead.

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I am Laura the Co-Founder at Club Soda. I gave up drinking in 2012 and hope that I can support you to take a self-guided journey to change your drinking whatever your goal.

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