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What we can offer for your workplace wellness

How Club Soda can help your staff with alcohol issues, as part of your workplace health and wellness programme.

We offer Free online membership to Club Soda for everyone, to assess their drinking habits, set their goals, track their progress, join the community, and get our twice-weekly motivational emails.

However, the biggest impact on alcohol use comes from staff members joining one (or both) of our intensive online programmes: Mindful Drinking (aka 8 Weeks to Change your Drinking) and Sober Sprint (aka The MOB). Aimed at non-dependent drinkers and designed to be non-judgmental, these programmes give individuals the tools they need to begin to moderate their alcohol use, take a month off drinking, or to go alcohol-free.

We can give your staff access to these on a pay-as-you-go basis, or as part of a full licence which gives you access to additional content and evaluation data as well.

Anonymity improves take-up

We find that even if staff have personal wellness budgets they are unlikely to register to use alcohol use related tools through their workplace. Any system that will reveal to their employer, or that requires them to ask permission to use a service like Club Soda reduces the chances of people participating. So our aim is to make this as easy to access as possible.

We allow your staff to use Club Soda with their personal email address, and only we know if they have come from your company. The data you get in return is fully anonymised.

Additional benefits of the licensing option

The best way for you to work with Club Soda is through a 12 month licensing option, which gives your organisation additional content and complete evaluation data as part of your workplace health and wellness programme.


We will support you to promote the programmes to your staff with materials you can share, and will provide you with additional content (blogs, tips and calls to action) relevant to your organisation that you can use in staff emails and publications and your organisation’s intranet’s wellness pages.

Evaluation data

We will also collate data for you to see the impact of the programmes, and help you make further decisions about your workforce health and wellness. We will provide you with half-time (after 6 months) and full-time (after 12 months) evaluation reports. These contain:

  • Numbers of staff joining Club Soda and participating in each programme
  • The goals set by staff (cut down, stop for a bit, quit)
  • For the Sober Sprint programme – weekly wellbeing scores of participants; progress against goals; end of programme survey results. Also a follow-up survey after 6 months to track the longer-term impacts on alcohol use and well-being
  • For the Mindful Drinking programme – starting, middle and end of course surveys tracking alcohol use and whether participants met their goals
  • Any other demographic data you would like us to collect at the starting point of each programme. We will have a dedicated sign-up form where we can gather these.

Pricing – full license option

The full license price is dependent on the size of your organisation. Please get in touch to discuss the details.

Pricing – pay-as-you-go option

For smaller organisations it may make more sense for your staff to access Club Soda services on a pay-as-you-go basis. This still gives them full access to our basic online tools (goal setting etc) and content, you only need to pay for the two online programmes. This option does not include any of the wellness evaluation reports or promotional materials or content. Prices are as follows:

Basic online membership FREE
Sober Sprint £49 per programme
Mindful Drinking £49 per programme

We will invoice you monthly or quarterly for any usage by your employees.

Additional workshops and events

Face-to-face workshops

In addition to our online offering, Club Soda runs Bootcamp workshops for staff looking to take a month off booze. Geared towards a team challenge around popular months for charity challenges (January, September and October), this fun and interactive workshop does not pry into individual’s habits. Instead, it delivers practical advice and tips that can be used by everyone in the organisation.

Pricing – £500 for a two-hour interactive Month off Booze Bootcamp workshop.

Alcohol-free beer and wine tastings

Want to do a social with a difference, or get staff views on the best non-alcoholic offerings for events, receptions and parties? We can organise a staff social event with a difference. Giving everyone the chance to try out alcohol-free (0.5% and below) beers and wines, and a selection of our favourite lower sugar or sweet drinks options.

Pricing – £500 for a two-hour alcohol-free beer and wine tasting event, including drinks for up to 25 people. We can tailor a quote for larger and smaller groups.